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Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:25 am
by Mario
Hello all, a few weeks ago like many of you crypto pioneers i got word about John McAfee new coin called GHOST, i heard that there would be an AIRDROP of GHOST Token to ESH holders on May 25,2020. So knowing this news i like many jumped in to the ether sphere to see if i can get some ESH, in order to qualify for the GHOST airdrop. This was a beginning of a interesting learning experience journey, and here is what i learned from it! >

SWITCH- What is it?
Answer : SWITCH is a re-brand of ETHERSHIFT, the original project.

ESH- What is it?
Answer : ESH token is our most well known token which was initially distributed via a small token sale in 2018. ESH represents a revenue share of 50% of ALL fees collected by our instant swap network (Switch/McAfeeSwap etc) and the SwitchDex network (including McAfeeDex and all portals). ESH holders will also get reduced fees, voting rights, and more as we release more features for our products. I will go more into this in a future blog that talks more about the new things we are releasing soon. The total supply for ESH is 13,573,415 and ESH can be traded on IDEX, McAfeeDex, Mercatox, and Uniswap.

To learn more about SWITCH and what they offer you can start reading here> ... cf00ed6a6e
And to really find out more you can read here>

Personally i see a bright future for SWITCH, and their projects, but as always, do you own research, and decide if this is for you!

What is GHOST erc20 Token?
Answer : GHOST ERC20 Token is what the holders of ESH received in the MAY 25 2020 AIRDROP, it is currently trade-able,can buy, sell, and trade on many Exchanges and Dex's,such as SWITCH-DEX, McAfee-DEX, Idex, exchange etc...

What is GHOST COIN by McAfee?
Answer: GHOST COIN is the actual COIN that the current holders of GHOST ERC20 Token will get when the GHOST MAIN NETWORK comes online JUNE 22 2020!

GHOST COIN by McAfee is a new security oriented privacy coin, that will essentially make the user in to a "GHOST", most coins on the block-chain are not really private, meaning whoever has your wallet address can check your entire transaction history on the chain, well not with GHOST COIN!

GHOST COIN is a MN + POS COIN, the amount needed for a Master Node is currently 20,000 GHOST COIN once the main-net go online June 22 2020!

To learn more about GHOST COIN by McAfee, you can start here on the official web-page>

Remember all who hold ESH in their wallet( i use Firefox meta-mask wallet) on the last day of every month will receive the distribution of 50% of all the fees collected from all of SWITCH dex's in the form of ETHER for that month, so the more ESH you hold the more ETHER you will get!

Well i think i gave all you crypto-critters enough info to get you started, so feel free to dig deeper, and see the great potential of both projects, and all they have to offer!


Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:55 pm
by Mario
Hi guys a few updates since my last post.

1. Thew Switch/GHOST team always working hard to bring the best, now they have released " Ghost X" fastest cross-chain exchange powered by Atomic Swap / Ghost X
and can be found here> its very easy to use, and they added the ability to deposit using a credit card VISA / MC.

2. If you are a privacy coin type , then you will be happy to know that GHOST coin by McAfee is one day from the Main Net launch, as i write this there is approximately 24 hours before the launch. But the newest privacy part of the GHOST coin project is here! The GHOST-E SIM > The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service, as they say service allows you to connect, fade away and disappear anywhere in the world. Their data plan will offer multiple layers of protection and sophisticated app support to thwart any attempt to trace the user or where they are connecting from. Nothing else like it exists in the world. can see what its all about here

3.GHOST coin has Discord now can access here :