Overclocking Antiminer without drop down menu

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Overclocking Antiminer without drop down menu

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I will be showing how to overclock an Antiminer Asic when the drop down menu does not work. I will be demonstrating on a z9 mini (batch 2) which apparently
commonly has this issue.

The first step is to locate "Advanced Settings" under the "Miner Configuration" tab. (if you would like to see a tutorial on how to access your antminer
dashboard please let me know)


For most Antiminers the drop down menu in the tab will have overclock settings that are fairly self explanatory, as you can see, this one does not.
Next, you will use the F12 key to open the command terminal.


Click on the top half of the terminal, and use the "find" function (ctrl+f) to search the word "TURBO".


One line above "turbo" will be the settings you are looking for.


Right click the number, (in the case of z9 mini factory setting is 500) use the "edit attribute" function and enter the number you would like to use.
After edititing the number, click back on the text at the top of the terminal to save the edit, and give a few seconds for it to register change.
After a few seconds, click "save and apply" on the main miner dashboard, it should tell you please wait while the changes are being applied.


After the changes are applied you should see the word "balance" dissapear.


At this time you can check to see if your new settings are working on the "Miner Status" tab. This does NOT work 100% of the time, if it did not work repeat
the steps. Be sure to watch your dashboard for the first half hour or so, if you see any hardware errors, you have gone too far. Check the overclock rating
on your model of asic, most have a range that is acceptable to overclock to.
If you have any questions, or are unable to make this work for you, feel free to contact me.
PLEASE remember, overclocking CAN be dangerous to your equipment, please do not overclock if you are not familiar with the workings of an asic,
and always be sure to follow any safety instructions or warnings from the manufacturer. Also remember to keep in mind the limitations of the power supply
you are using, as overclocking can increase the wattage usage of the asic. Thanks for reading, and please overclock RESPONSIBLY. :)

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